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2001 Seville Rowing World Cup

June 14-16, 2001
Guadalquivir River, Seville, Spain

Lightweight Women's Double Scull (LW2X)

Humblet and Obidinski of the US won this event earlier this year at the Princeton World Cup. In Seville, they should receive challenges from Germany, Netherland, and a number of newcomers to elite lightweight competition.

FISA Biographies

Complete World Championships and Olympic records of Sydney Olympians competing at the 2001 Seville World Cup. For each year they competed in the Olympics or World Championships, that year is shown (e.g. 99 for 1999), followed by the event they were in and where they placed. For example, "99   4X   4" means the competitor finished Fourth in the Quadruple Scull event in 1999.

Double asterisks (**) indicate that the competitor did not compete in the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

An "R" in the results (last) column, means the competitor did not advance past the Repechage.


AUT1      Monika Felizeter **    
  Michaela Taupe **    
AUT2 Martina Miesgang **    
  Barbara Piruer **    


CUB Dailin Taset 00      LW2X      15
  Marlenis Mesa 00 LW2X 15


DEN Julianne Elander **    
  Susanne Antonsen **    


GER Janet Radunzel **    
  Claudia Blasberg 98 LW2X 2
      99 LW2X 5
      00 LW2X 2

Great Britain

GBR Jane Hall **    
  Helen Casey **    


GRE1 Hrysa Biskitzi 99 LW2X 15
      00 LW2X 11
  Georgia Dimakou **    
GRE2 Aggeliki Gremou 95 LW2X 14
      98 LW4X 3
      00 LW2X 11
  Evangelia Kokkinou **    


ITA Alice Androsiglio **    
  Francesca      Manzini **    


NED Kirsten VanDerKolk      00 LW2X 6
  Marit VanEupen 99 LW1X 7
      00 LW2X 6


POR Janine Coelho **    
  Maria Lima **    


ROM Monica Stan **    
  Irina Acsinte **    


ESP1 Paula Simoes **    
  Berta Duran **    
ESP2 Lourdes Guillen **    
  Laura Cavijo **    

United States

USA Catherine Humblet **    
  Mary Obidinski **    



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