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JAMCO has been serving the competitive rowing community since 1968 with the following products and services.

Rowing Data Base

The JAMCO Rowing Data Base covers rowers from 75 countries and the events in which they have competed at World Championships and Olympic Games. Data is included for heavyweight men from 1956 through 1999, for heavyweight women from 1976 through 1999, and for lightweight men and women from 1993 through 1999. One regatta per year is reported, except for 1996, when both the Olympics and Worlds (for non-Olympic events only) are reported.

Regatta Timing Services

JAMCO for Splits Regatta Services independently operates a split timing system at major rowing regattas and publishes JAMCO for Splits Race Bulletins, providing rowers and coaches detailed race performance data that allow crews to analyze their race performance and even predict the outcome of future races. Race Bulletins will also be published on this web site. JAMCO for Splits race data has been used by United States television networks during broadcasts of Olympic rowing events.

To learn more about JAMCO or to inquire about JAMCO for Splits Regatta Services for your local regatta, please contact:

Kent Mitchell
+1.650.327.7476 (telephone)
+1.650.327.7994 (fax)

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