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World Championship Rowing Results and Competitor Biographies

2019 World Championships

2012 Olympic Games

The competition for the Rowing World Champions are held annually. Every four years, this event is held at the Olympic games.

Recent FISA World Championships

2004 Olympic Rowing

See the rowing biographies for all competitors, read exclusive pre-race analyses, and view race results in JAMCO's exclusive graphical format.

2001-2003 World Championships

Here are the rowing biographies and results of the FA finals from the World Championship regattas during 2001, 2002, and 2003.

Results and Rowing Biographies

2001 World Cup

In 2001, the World Cup of Rowing competition was held in addition to the World Rowing Championship.

Biographies and Results

  • Competitor Biographies
    Exclusive JAMCO biographies of the FISA racing experience of all Sydney Olympians competing in this event.
  • Results and Split-Times
    JAMCO Race Bulletins, show results and split-times in a graphical manner. These bulletins will be posted shortly after the completion of Final A races of the fourteen (14) approved Olympic rowing events.

2000 Olympic Rowing

The rowing competition during the 2000 Olympic games were held at

Event index of 2000 Sydney Olympic Games

  • Analyses, Histories and Results
    The rowing event at the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney, Australia was held during September 17-24, 2000. JAMCO used its proprietary international rowers database to present the complete World Championship and Olympic records for each rower who competed in every event at the Olympic Games in Sydney. This is the only site where this information is available.
  • JAMCO Exclusive Color Replays
    Also presented are daily in-depth pre-race analyses and graphic colorful predictions and results for each race. These were posted before and after actual competition using the JAMCO reporting techniques used extensively since 1968.

1999 World Championships


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