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2001 Vienna Rowing World Cup

June 29 - July 1, 2001
Danube River, Vienna, Austria

WorldRowers.com Presents FISA Biographies of Rowers Competing At the Vienna Rowing World Cup

JAMCO's WorldRowers.com presents the Olympic and World Championship biographies of those rowers who have been identified as of Monday, June 25, 2001, as competitors for the third meeting of the 2001 FISA World Cup in Vienna, Austria. Late entries not listed by FISA as of June 25 are not included. JAMCO is using its proprietary international rowers database to identify the records of rowers who compete at international regattas.

Additionally, we present JAMCO Race Bulletins of Final A races of the twelve Olympic-class boat events at the Vienna World Cup.

Index of Biographies

W1X M1X W2- M2- W2X M2X M4-
LW2X LM2X LM4- W4X M4X W8+ M8+

The M4- and W8+ events are not scheduled for this regatta. Please see additional notes, below.

Index of JAMCO Race Bulletins

W1X M1X W2- M2- W2X M2X M4-
LW2X LM2X LM4- W4X M4X W8+ M8+

  • JAMCO Race Bulletins of the fourteen "A" finals graphically portray the relative positions of each boat at each 500 meter interval mark. In each of the last three 500 meter intervals, JAMCO uses color coding to show which boats are getting closer to the boats in first, second and third places during each of those intervals.
    • A gold boat is gaining on the first place boat. Often when a boat turns "gold", it takes the lead in the next 500 meters.
    • A cyan (light blue) boat is gaining on the second place boat, but falling further behind the first place boat.
    • A bronze (orange) boat is gaining on the third place boat, but falling farther behind the first and second place boats.
  • Many countries have entered more than one crew in the same event. These are designated as GER1, GER2, etc. WorldRowers.com uses 3 character abbreviations in its Race Bulletins. In these multiple crews per country situations, WorldRowers.com uses only the first two letters of a country's FISA abbreviation, plus a number (1, 2 or 3), to designate these crews, e.g., for Germany the abbreviations would be GE1 and GE2.

    We have assigned numbers to these crews in the order each crew has been listed by FISA, and those numbers may be different from the numbers used with each crew when racing begins. We will adjust our numbers accordingly at that time so that the biographies correspond to the correct numbering of the crews.

Additional Notes for JAMCO Biographies

  • These biographies are only presented for competitors in the 14 Olympic class boat events. Competitors who have a "**" following their name have not competed in any previous Olympic or World Championship regattas. To the extent we have missed anyone who has competed in an Olympics or World Championships, or erroneously reported information, please advise us and we will correct it.

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