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Biographies of Rowers Competing at the 2004 Olympic Games

August 14-22, 2004
Schinias Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Centre
Athens, Greece


Biographies, Exclusive Analysis, and Results

Here are the Olympic and World Championship biographies of rowers and coxswains in the Athens 2004 Olympic games rowing competition.

WorldRowers.com uses the proprietary JAMCO international rowers database to present the Olympic and World Championship biographies of those rowers who have been identified as of identified as of August 10, 2004. Boating changes announced after that date will be added as we learn about them. The data is arranged by event. For each year they competed in the Olympics or World Championships, that year is shown, followed by the event they were in and where they placed, e.g., 2002 8+ 4th.

JAMCO Pre-Race Analyses are based on an analysis of race data plus over 40 years of experience in competitive rowing, including Olympic competition.

Results in JAMCO's graphical format are posted in near real-time.


Events Biographies
& Results
Gold Medal
Women's Single Scull W1X Germany
Men's Single Scull M1X Norway
Women's Pair W2- Romania
Men's Pair M2- Australia
Women's Double Scull W2X New Zealand
Men's Double Scull M2X France
Men's Four M4- Great Britain
Women's Lightweight Double Scull LW2X Romania
Men's Lightweight Double Scull LM2X Poland
Men's Lightweight Coxless Four LM4- Denmark
Women's Quadruple Scull W4X Germany
Men's Quadruple Scull M4X Russia
Women's Eight W8+ Romania
Men's Eight M8+ United States


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Medal Count for Rowing


Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
Romania 3 0 0 3
Germany 2 2 0 4
Great Britain 1 2 1 4
Australia 1 1 2 4
France 1 1 0 2
United States 1 1 0 2
Denmark 1 0 0 1
New Zealand 1 0 0 1
Norway 1 0 0 1
Poland 1 0 0 1
Russia 1 0 0 1
Netherlands 0 1 2 3
Belarus 0 1 1 2
Canada 0 1 0 1
Croatia 0 1 0 1
Czech Republic 0 1 0 1
Estonia 0 1 0 1
Slovenia 0 1 0 1
Italy 0 0 3 3
Bulgaria 0 0 2 2
Ukraine 0 0 1 1
Greece 0 0 1 1
South Africa 0 0 1 1


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Weather and Course Conditions

Weather and course conditions, especially strong winds, can significantly affect on the outcome of rowing competitions. You can check course conditions at a variety of Internet web sites, including:


Color Coding For Race Results Re-Created by JAMCO

Race result reports produced by JAMCO from reported Olympic racing times depict crews at each 500 meter interval, using graphics and color conventions to show position and relative movement of the individual crews in each interval of the race.

Movements by crews during each 500 meter interval are highlighted by different colors. Gold (yellow) crews are closing on the leader in the current 500. Silver (light blue) crews are closing on the second place crew, but falling further behind the leader. Bronze (orange) crews are closing on the third place crew, but falling further behind the leader and the second place crews. White
crews are falling further behind all three leading crews. Quite often, when a crew turns gold, it takes the lead in the next 500.

Printing Tips

When printing JAMCO race bulletins, you may get better results if you set your browser to print background colors and images. If you are using MS Internet Explorer, go to Tools->Internet Options->Advanced and scroll down to where you see "Printing - Print background colors and images."

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