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Womens' Double Scull (W2X)

2004 Athens Olympic Games

August 14-22, 2004
Schinias Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Centre

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New Zealand's celebrated Evers-Swindell sisters, coming off two consecutive golds at Worlds in this event, are the pre-Olympic favorites, but not without serious challenges ahead of them. Australia has combined double gold medalist Robinson with last year's single sculler to make their run at New Zealand. Perhaps an even greater challenge may come from Germany's new combination of double gold medalist Waleska with last year's silver medalist in this event in order to move up one level on this year's medal podium. Not to be overlooked in the chase for the medals here are the Italians, bronze medalists in this event last year.

Final A Pre-Race Analysis

The Swindell sisters from New Zealand, World Champions each of the last two years, have lived up to their gold medal billing here in Athens so far. There is no indication that they will not be the Olympic Champions in this event on Saturday. The drama in this event will unfold in the race for silver and bronze. Expect Bulgaria to move out quickly on Great Britain and Germany, and very likely retain a shrinking lead all the way to the final 500 meters of the race. If Bulgaria's pattern in the heat and repechage is repeated in the finals, look for both Great Britain and Germany to go through Bulgaria in the last 500, and then fight it out between themselves for the silver and bronze medals, with Germany having a slight edge favoring them for the silver.

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Georgina Evers-Swindell 1998 8+ 7th
    1999 8+ 8th
    2001 2x 2nd
    2001 4x 2nd
    2002 2x 1st
    2003 2x 1st
Caroline Evers-Swindell 1998 8+ 7th
    1999 8+ 8th
    2001 2x 2nd
    2001 4x 2nd
    2002 2x 1st
    2003 2x 1st
Olga Samulenkov 2002 4x 9th
    2003 4x 8th
Julia Kalinovskaya      
ITALY Back ^
Elisabetta Sancassini 2002 2x 3rd
    2003 2x 5th
Gabriella Bascelli 2002 2x 3rd
    2003 2x 5th
Donna Martin 2001 4x 4th
    2002 4x 4th
    2003 1x 18th
Jane Robinson 1996 4x 9th
    1997 2x 6th
    1998 4x 3rd
    1999 4x 11th
    2000 8+ 5th
    2001 8+ 1st
    2002 8+ 2nd
    2003 4x 1st
Sarah Wincless 1998 8+ 8th
    1999 4x 7th
    2000 2x 9th
    2002 4x 5th
    2003 4x 4th
Elise Laverick 1997 8+ 3rd
    1998 4x 10th
    2000 8+ 7th
    2001 4x 5th
    2002 1x 7th
    2003 4x 4th
Britte Oppelt 2002 4x 5th
    2003 2x 2nd
Peggy Waleska 2001 4x 1st
    2002 4x 1st
    2003 4x 3rd
Nataliya Guba 2002 4x 6th
    2003 2x 7th
Svetlana Maziy 2003 2x 7th
Camelia Mihalcea      
Simona Strimbeschi      
Anet-Jaklin Bushman 2003 2x 15th
Miglena Markova      
Caroline Delas 2002 2x 6th
    2003 2x 9th
Gaelle Buniet 1998 2x 5th
    2000 2x 8th
    1999 1x 8th
    2003 2x 9th


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