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Womens' Lightweight Double Scull (LW2X)

2004 Athens Olympic Games

August 14-22, 2004
Schinias Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Centre

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Blasberg of Germany will be trying to retain her gold medal standing in this event with her third new partner in four year (this year Reimer, a 2003 gold medalist from the lightweight quad). Moves have been made by Poland, Romania, Australia and the United States to close the gap on favorite Germany. Poland has brought back Mokronowski, 2001 silver medalist in this event. Romania, with the biggest move of all, has reconstituted her 2000 Olympic Championship double in this event (Burcica and Alupei) to challenge Germany. Sally Newmarch, two time medalist, hopes to boost Australia's 2nd place crew up one notch this year to gold. Lisa Schlenker, a close contender last month for a qualifying slot in the heavyweight double sculls event returns from her 4th place finish in this event last year with a new partner.

Final A Pre-Race Analysis

Germany's quest to repeat last year's gold medal performance in Athens appears to have been successfully compromised by Romania's reconstituted 2000 Sydney gold medalist crew. Romania took the lead at 1000 meters in her semi-final and held off furious last 500 meter challenges by both the Netherlands and Germany to hold on for that victory. Romania's finishing time in that semi-final race was slightly more than 2 seconds faster than Australia's winning time in the other semi-final. However, Australia also faced strong challenges from Poland in the 3rd and 4th 500 meter intervals, and from China in the last 500, so there is no reason to believe either Romania or Australia backed off a bit in winning these semis. So, give the odds to Romania to repeat her 2000 Olympic Championship with the gold in Athens, leaving the silver and bronze medals up for grabs between the Netherlands, Germany, Australia and Poland, all projected to be within 2/3rds of a length of each other at the finish line.




Semifinal A/B qualfication: Top three finishers go to the Final A race. The rest go to the Final B race.


Daniela Riemer 2001 LW2x 1st
Claudia Blasberg 1998 LW2x 2nd
    1999 LW2x 5th
    2000 LW2x 2nd
    2001 LW2x 1st
    2002 LW2x 2nd
    2003 LW2x 1st
Marit Van Eupen 1999 LW1x 7th
    2000 LW2x 6th
    2001 LW2x 5th
    2002 LW2x 5th
    2003 LW2x 6th
Kristen Van Der Kolk 2000 LW2x 6th
    2001 LW2x 5th
    2002 LW1x 6th
    2003 LW2x 6th
Sally Newmarch 1999 LW2x 3rd
    2000 LW2x 4th
    2003 LW4x 3rd
Amber Halliday 2001 LW4x 1st
    2002 LW2x 1st
    2003 LW2x 2nd
Mara Jones 2003 LW2x 5th
Fiona Milne 1998 LW2x 9th
    1999 LW2x 10th
    2000 LW2x 9th
    2002 LW2x 8th
    2003 LW1x 1st
Lisa Schlenker 1998 LW4x 2nd
    1999 LW1x 2nd
    2001 LW1x 4th
    2002 LW1x 2nd
    2003 LW2x 4th
Stacey Borgman 2001 LW4x 2nd
    2002 LW2x 7th
Constanta Burcica 1996 LW1x 1st
    1999 LW2x 1st
    2000 LW2x 1st
    2003 LW2x 3rd
Angela Alupei 1999 LW1x 5th
    2000 LW2x 1st
Helen Casey 2001 LW2x 6th
    2002 LW2x 3rd
    2003 LW2x 7th
Tracy Langlands 2001 LW1x 7th
    2002 LW2x 3rd
    2003 LW2x 7th
SPAIN Back ^
Marie Mas De Xaxars 2002 LW1x 3rd
  Rivero 2003 LW2x 8th
Eva Mirones Sola 2001 LW4x 5th
    2002 LW4x 4th
    2003 LW2x 8th
Monika Remsei 1994 LW1x 7th
    1995 LW2x 24th
    1996 LW1x ?
    1997 LW1x R
    1998 LW1x 9th
    1999 LW2x 8th
    2000 LW2x 13th
    2001 LW1x 8th
    2003 LW2x 9th
Edit Stift 2001 LW2x 13th
    2003 LW2x 9th
CHINA Back ^
Qian Li 2003 LW4x 1st
Dongxiang Xu 2003 LW2x 14th
JAPAN Back ^
Kahori Uchiyama 2001 LW4x 9th
    2003 LW2x 14th
Akiko Iwamoto 1999 LW1x 11th
    2000 LW2x 14th
    2001 LW2x 14th
Pham Thi Hien      
Nguyen Thi Thi      
CUBA Back ^
Dailin Taset 2000 LW2x 15th
    2001 LW2x 8th
Ismaray Marrero 2002 LW2x 13th
Gabriela Huerta      
Aline Olvera      
Milka Kraljev      
Lucia Palermo      
Magdalena Kemnitz      
Ilona Mokronowska 1993 LW2x 6th
    1996 LW1x ?
    1998 LW2x 4th
    1999 LW2x 9th
    2000 LW2x 8th
    2001 LW2x 2nd
Juliane Rasmussen 2001 LW2x 12th
    2002 LW2x 6th
    2003 LW2x 11th
Johanne Thomsen 2002 LW2x 6th
    2003 LW2x 11th
Angeliki Gremou 1999 4x 13th
    2000 LW2x 11th
    2001 LW2x 6th
    2002 LW2x 10th
Chrysi Biskitzi 2000 LW2x 11th
    2001 LW2x 6th
    2002 LW2x 10th
    2003 LW2x 12th


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