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Mens' Double Scull (M2X)

2004 Athens Olympic Games

August 14-22, 2004
Schinias Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Centre

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There have been lots of moves since last year to try to catch France's 2003 gold medalists in this event. Slovenia's fourth place crew last year is greatly enhanced by the return of Iztok Cop with Luka Spik in an attempt to defend their Olympic gold medal performance in this event in Sydney. Italy and the Czech Republic ( 2nd and 3rd in this event last year ) return intact and seem content to challenge with those combinations. Hungary's Haller, however, has lost his 2001-2002 gold medal partner, Peto, and arrives with a new partner this year. Finally, Germany has combined two gold medalist from their 2001 and 2002 quads to test the Schianas waters.

Final A Pre-Race Analysis

This may be one of the most hotly contested rowing finals at the Olympics, with the six finalists apparently within 3 seconds of each other over the course, and four of them less than 1 second apart in the semi-finals times. The experience and Athens performances so far of Italy and Slovenia favor both of them for the gold and silver medals, but not necessarily in that order, which is really a toss up. Both were Olympic Champions in Sydney in 2000 - the Italians in the quadruple sculls event and the Slovenia is this double sculls event. Italy may be a little faster than Slovenia in the early going, but Slovenia should cut into and virtually eliminate that lead in the middle 1000 meters. The Championship attitudes and pedigrees these men bring to the last 500 meters means neither will blink and gold and silver are just too close to call. If either of them falters or makes a mistake, watch out for France, last year's gold medalists at Worlds, and Estonia, who will be right there with 500 to go watching for the opportunity to sneak by Italy or Slovenia. The three medals should be spread somewhere among these four countries.

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Iztok Cop 1990 4- 7th
    1991 2- 2nd
    1992 2- 3rd
    1993 2- 3rd
    1994 1x 3rd
    1995 1x 1st
    1996 1x 4th
    1997 1x 4th
    1998 1x 4th
    1999 2x 1st
    2000 2x 1st
    2001 1x 2nd
    2002 1x 2nd
    2003 1x 3rd
Luka Spik 1996 2- 14th
    1998 2- 14th
    1999 2x 1st
    2000 2x 1st
    2001 2x 5th
    2002 4x 8th
    2003 2x 4th
Brendan Long 2001 4x 10th
    2003 4x 4th
Peter Hardcastle 1998 4x 5th
    1999 4x 3rd
    2000 4x 4th
    2002 2x 4th
    2003 2x 6th
Matthew Wells 2000 1x 10th
    2001 1x 13th
    2002 2x 6th
    2003 2x 5th
Matthew Langridge 2003 4x 9th
ITALY Back ^
Rossano Galtarossa 1991 2x 11th
    1992 4x 3rd
    1993 4x 3rd
    1994 4x 1st
    1995 4x 1st
    1996 4x 4th
    1997 4x 1st
    1998 4x 1st
    1999 4x 7th
    2000 4x 1st
    2001 2x 3rd
    2002 4x 3rd
    2003 2x 2nd
Alessio Sartori 1994 4x 1st
    1995 4x 1st
    1996 4x 4th
    1997 1x 9th
    1998 4x 1st
    1999 4x 7th
    2000 4x 1st
    2001 2x 3rd
    2002 8+ 5th
    2003 2x 2nd
Milan Dolecek 1981 2- 8th
    1982 2+ 3rd
    1983 2+ 5th
    1986 4- 6th
    1987 4- 11th
    1988 4+ 8th
    1989 4- 9th
    1991 8+ 11th
    2001 4x 11th
    2002 2x 5th
    2003 2x 3rd
Ondrej Synek 2001 4x 11th
    2002 2x 5th
    2003 2x 3rd
Sebastian Villedent 1995 4x 7th
    1996 4x 12th
    1997 2x 8th
    2000 4x 10th
    2001 2x 2nd
    2002 2x 7th
    2003 2x 1st
Adrian Hardy 1999 1x 21st
    2000 1x 7th
    2001 2x 2nd
    2002 2x 7th
    2003 2x 1st
Rene Bertram 2002 4x 1st
Christian Schreiber 2001 4x 1st
    2003 2x 17th
Nils-Torolov Simonsen 2001 4x 14th
    2002 2x 13th
    2003 2x 12th
Morten Adamsen 2003 2x 12th
Akos Haller 1995 4x 16th
    1998 2x 7th
    1999 2x 5th
    2000 2x 5th
    2001 2x 1st
    2002 2x 1st
    2003 2x 7th
Gabor Bencsik 2003 4x 19th
CUBA Back ^
Yosbel Martinez 1999 4x 9th
  Hechevarria 2000 2x 12th
    2001 2x 4th
    2002 2x 8th
    2003 2x 8th
Yoennis Hernandez 2000 2x 12th
  Arruez 2001 2x 4th
    2002 2x 8th
    2003 2x 8th
Leonid Gulov 1999 2x 8th
    2000 2x 9th
    2003 4x 7th
Tonu Endrekson 2002 4x 7th
    2003 4x 7th
Henry Nuzum 2000 2x 8th
    2001 4x 5th
    2003 4x 14th
Aquil Abdullah 2001 4x 5th
    2002 1x 12th
Kestutis Keblys 2001 2x 8th
    2002 2x 10th
    2003 2x 11th
Einaras Siaudvytis 2001 2x 8th
    2002 2x 10th
    2003 2x 11th
Adam Wojciechowski    
Michal Jelinski      


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