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2012 Olympic Rowing Rower Biographies

July 28 - August 4, 2012

Dorney Lake, Eton,UK


About the Data

The biographies presented for the 14 rowing events at the 2012 London Olympics are based on the provisional boatings made available approximately 10 days before the rowing competition begins on July 28th at Dorney Lake in Eton. Subsequent boating changes are not reflected here.

The biographies set forth in these reports list the previous appearances of the athletes at World Rowing Championships in the off-Olympic years, World Rowing Championships in the Olympic years for the International non-Olympic events, and for all Olympic Games appearances. The numbers in the rightmost columns beneath each competitor's name indicate the ranking where such competitor placed that year in the event indicated. Years 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004 and 2008 denote Olympic events.

Where the word "New" appears, that indicates that the competitor listed did not seem to have any previous appearances at the Worlds or Olympic Games in our database.

This database has been under construction since 1965, contains names and results for approximately 30,000 individual appearances, and dates back to the 1956 Olympics for open weight men's events, 1973 for open weight women's events, and 1993 for lightweight events. The 1973 and 1993 beginning years for open women's events and lightweight events, respectively, were chosen because those were the first years of the four year Olympiads preceding the year when each class of competitors was included in the Olympic Games, i.e. 1976 for open weight women's events and 1996 for lightweight events.

If discrepancies or omissions are noticed, please indicate in an email to jamcorow@gmail.com. Due to shortage of time between now and the London Games, corrections and additions will be reviewed after the Games end.

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