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2002 World Rowing Championships

Sevilla, Spain

FISA Biographies for "FA" Finalists in Lightweight Women's Double Sculls


In some cases, this may be a partial list of previous FISA appearances.


Janet Raduenzel 2001 LW2x 1st
Claudia Blasberg 1998 LW2x 2nd
1999 LW2x 5th
2000 LW2x 2nd
2001 LW2x 1st


Helen Casey 2000 LW4x 5th
2001 LW2x 6th
Tracy Langlands 1998 LW2x 10th
1999 LW2x 18th
2001 LW1x 7th


Marit Van Eupen 1999 LW1x 7th
2000 LW2x 6th
2001 LW2x 5th
Hedi Poot 1997 LW4x 3rd
1999 LW2x 6th
2001 LW4x 3rd


Sally Causby 2001 LW4x 1st
Amber Halliday 2001 LW4x 1st


Katarzyna Demianiuk 1999 LW1x 8th
2001 LW2x 2nd
Ilona Mokronowska 1993 LW2x Rep(elim)
1996 LW1x 7th
1998 LW2x 4th
1999 LW2x 9th
2001 LW2x 2nd


Juliane Rasmussen **
Johanne Thomsen **


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