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Men's Coxless Pair (M2-)

Pre-Race Analysis

Preliminary Heats

Top 3 to semi-finals. Others to repechage.

Heat 1

ARG (Lane 1), IND, ITA, FRA, CRO (Lane 5)

With the top 3 crews advancing to the semi-finals, crews are likely to shut down after the first 1000 meters, if the top 3 places are decided by then. FRA, CRO and ITA, who were 2nd, 3rd and 4th at the 1999 Worlds, will be the top 3 crews in this race. Whether they will race each other all the way for top honors depends on whether they want to race for the favored lanes in the semi-finals, to avoid the most wind affected lanes on the Penrith course. So far, ITA, with a new combination, has beaten both CRO and FRA at the Lucerne World Cup in July, but only by 0.8 seconds over CRO and 2 seconds over FRA. In a contested race to the end, ITA should win.

Heat 2

USA (Lane 1), EGY, YUG, GER, RSA (Lane 5)

GER, 6th at the 1999 Worlds, is favored to win this race, if contest all the way to the finish line. Howver, with 3 crews to qualify for the semi-finals, the other 2 places could be hotly contested between the USA ( a new combination ), RSA (7th at the 1999 Worlds ) and YUG ( another new combination ).

Heat 3

SLO (Lane 1), CAN, GBR, AUS (Lane 4)

AUS, favored to win the gold medal, should win this race. Others who should advance with AUS to the semi-finals are GBR and SLO. CAN, which was 2 seconds behind SLO in the FB final at the Lucerne World Cup in July, may be a real challenger to SLO for the third ticket to the semi-finals.

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